CFC was built on financial foundations and recognises the significant role Accountants have in business. Accountants save time, provide financial insight and are critical in business decisions. With constant shifts and new regulations Accountants know better, that is why we place great value on Accounting professionals and are eager to establish this in our CFC community.


Join us as an Accounting professional

What you can expect from CFC Law & Accounting Ltd.

-We will present you on our various webpages as our partner accountant or solicitor.
-We will pay the invoice for our Affiliate-Partners if they need a lawyer or accountant
-You will gain access to potential new clients via our “WE SUPPORT” Network
-You will be promoted as part of our “WE SUPPORT” local event day, where you could network as an exclusive Partner (at no extra cost)
-You will receive a promotional Video free of charge within 12 months

Calculation of your annual benefits: 

Local advertising cost; normally around £ 200 per month £ 2,400
Promotional video (maximum 15 Minutes)                            £ 1,500
                                                                                Total Savings £ 3,900 

All Memberships will be closed after 12 months and will not be automatically renewed. 

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