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At CFC Law we will connect you with our highly rated legal and accounting professionals.

At CFC Law we understand the importance of compliance in business and how important it is to get it right. If you own a business then our CFC partner solicitors will ensure that your business practices are compliant with the set laws. We offer expert advice from our large pool of qualified professionals.

The lawyers that we provide to our CFC members, affiliates or subscribers will help you understand different legal issues such as legal violations and lawsuits. Additionally, they will offer services such as how to protect your intellectual property or even helping you to decide on your business structure.

Laws are ever-changing and keeping up with these changes can be tedious. We are dedicated to pairing you with the right people to assist you. Our vast network and community of business professionals will mean that we can bridge the divide between you and the expertise you need.

Professional Expertise at Your Fingertips

Professional Advice

We offer expert advice from our large pool of qualified professionals.
Quality is the most important factor to us as we want to retain our high reputation, therefore we only partner with the best solicitors and accountants in the world. Advice anywhere and at any time, it is paramount to us that we are accessible that is why we offer virtual appointments so you can receive the information you need when you need it.

Free of Charge 

CFC Law is a one-stop-shop to find the professionals that you need. Our partners go through a vigorous testing stage, meaning we have done all the filtering through for you.
As a Solicitor or Accountant on the other hand, working for CFC Law will give you access to an extensive pool of clients through our CFC Group members and you will also receive free marketing including a professional promotional video every year.

Membership Benefits 

Being a CFC group member gives you an endless array of opportunities, but most importantly we are here to allow you to expand your reach. The scope that the group holds will limit the time needed spent on actively acquiring new clients or working professionals. We focus on helping communities thrive and we want to be there as a guiding force every step of the way. Our principle is simple- together we are stronger.




Founder and Director

Raw materials have always determined my life!

With over 30 years of experience in capital markets, and the fact that I have lived in over 10 countries, I have a treasure trove of lived experiences that cannot be found in any book. In 1991 I took my first Series 3 exam in London – an absolute must if you wanted to work for a broker in the city. My first point of contact was Esprit Brokers / MeesPierson Derivatives Ltd. London.

My connections in London and New York to banks, brokers and fund managers confirm that I can say to those interested in a similar career: “Your initiative, S3 and S7 are a prerequisite for employment in trading.”


Founder and Lecturer

In these changing financial markets, broader knowledge is needed

I have been a lecturer at the University of Leicester for over 4 years. My PhD topic centered on mortgage financing litigation and the credit creation functions of commercial banks. In recent years my teaching has focussed primarily on financial markets, international business and accounting.

I’m passionate about teaching financial literacy to a wider audience, and giving people the legal and financial tools they need to navigate the world of today, as well as tomorrow.


The Team

“Behind the Scenes” stands for the entire TEAM behind Tony and Thorsten.

Each member of our team has a key position whether a cameraman, web designer, content creator, coder, financial analyst, psychologist, and so on- each person has special knowledge, and their creativity helps us to build something amazing together.

We are proud to be working in such a trustworthy, reliable, and responsible team that shares common values, and works with the best intentions for our planet and each other. Our shared goal is to help mitigate the effects of human-caused climate change and protect natural resources.

The CFC World

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